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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  December 23, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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closures and now concerns that a levy could break. and flood warnings on the napa river and a major intersection closed. good evening. thank you so much for joining us. i'm ama dates. we have live team coverage of our storm wach. lilian kim is on the peninsula where a creek over ran its banks. and there was lots of flooding
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in the north bay where cornell bernard is. we start with leigh glaser. leigh? >> what a difference about six, eight hours makes. live doppler 7hd, very active earlier this morning beginning at 7:00 a.m. as the cold front moved through. now you could barely even tell we had any rain at all. we are looking live now, folks, and you can see the receive rain has pushed on to the south and east of the bay area. still getting a few little sprinkles here and there between morgan hill and hollister. mainly at the higher elevations, but most of the rain, or actually all of the rain has moved out of the area. we did have quite a bit of rainfall. we still have a couple of river watches. these are river watches in affect until tomorrow morning. the river right now is at 27 feet. it looks like it will crest tomorrow morning below flood stage at 30 feet. the napa river in napa 23 feet
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right now. you can see the flood stage is 25 feet. it crested earlier today at 26 feet. it is just a foot above flood stage. it is now receding. i think the flood watch for that part of the napa river will be lifted in the next couple hours. how much rainfall? we take a look at that coming up. >> thank you. hundreds of people living on the peninsula abandoned their homes after the creek started flooding the area. the new concern tonight is whether the levies will hold. lilian kim is live in palo alto with the latest. lilian? >> reporter: ama, the waters have receiptedded a bit, but it is still flowing and the levies have started to weaken. they detected three boils in levies close to homes. the creek first over ran its banks near woodland and university avenues, right in front of the 4 seasons hotel in palo alto. many took a risk and drove through the intersection before police shut it down.
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water from the rising creek hit 101 next. this is what it looked like on the northbound lanes just before the university avenue exit. the flooded lanes slowed down traffic and ultimately prompted the chp to escort cars through a handful at a time. a few businesses uh jay september to highway 101 and the creek got hit with the floodwaters. employees worked as fast as they could to get things moving. >> we are trying to take all of our tools and equipment. >> reporter: at the garden subdivision, many took no chances. hundreds of people heeded the warning and left their homes. they were ready to flee at a moment's notice. and they went to higher ground. >> i just looked out the window and seen the lights flash. i was like, what's going on 1234* i look and it is just flooded. i was like, mom, it is flooded! it is flooded! >> emergency responders say the good news is the rain has stopped. there is concern whether the levies will hold. the swollen creek is putting a
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lot of pressure on them, and a break could released more water into the neighborhood. >> we have about 600 feet of levy right now that has had over banking that is still going and it is carving -- literally carving the leaf vee up. we -- the levy up. we asked for a soils engineer to come out and look at it. this isn't going to be over for awhile. >> three boils have been spotted so far and a handful of homes have been evacuated. emergency responders will be keeping a close eye on the trouble spots through the overnight hours. live in palo alto, lilian kim, abc7 news. >> thank you. now to the north bay where the rising floodwaters have closed part of highway 12 and highway 121. cornell bernard is live in sonoma county with the latest. cornell? >> the storm left a lot of flooding in its wake. this is highway 12 at 121. a major intersection, still completely underwater as you can see tonight. elsewhere flood warnings remain in affect.
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after the storm the rain swollen creek over flowed its banks. and this was the result. highway 12 and 121 became a virtual lake. the rapid runoff flooded nearby vineyards. in napa, a flood warning is in affect prompting the closure of the downtown riverfront prom nad. promnade. it sent them scrambling to higher ground. >> what do you think? >> i don't think it is going to go over. i don't think so. it is not high enough. >> local folks are cautiously watching the river. it is expected to crest at 16 and a half feet downtown by christmas eve, but not expected to reach flood stage of 18 feet. >> we are supposed to have cloudy and sunny tomorrow. the river is high, much higher than normal. but it is not really a flood stage. >> just got off the phone with the city of napa where officials expect the river
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will crest lower than predicted. as you can see it is still underwater and cal trans is waiting it out. they say it may reopen after christmas day. live in sonoma county, cornell bernard, abc7 news. >> thank you, cornell. and the santa cruz county of fell ton was hit hard. today's storm forced road closures and evacuations. thomas roman has more. >> this truck was almost fully submerged on sunday afternoon. this is the community of fell ton grove. its 40 plus families were told to evacuate at about 1:30. dan and liz say they got a warning that the nearby san lorenzo river was rising fast. >> at first it was an advisory only, and then it was mandatory when it was clear the river would come up. >> the river reached some four feet over flood stage. they were evacuated before. they have lived here 27 years. >> we need to secure our animals. we need to move our vehicles.
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we need to not be in the houses while the severe flooding is happening. >> while the streets were under anywhere from six inches to four feet of water, these still photos show the area at the height of the flooding. the stranded police car had to be towed out. they showed us where the river water reached in his garage back in 1998. he says flooding here is a way of life. >> if it is going to get to you too much you shouldn't live down there. >> the heavy rains caused the closure of southbound highway 9 to paradise drive. the road was closed near san lorenzo valley high school. a tree fell on power lines causing a power outage to dozens of homes. they were anxious to restore power. >> there was flooding and no power and no sum p pump to pump it out. >> residents say the worst is over. even with all of this they say they wouldn't live anywhere else. thomas roman, abc7 news.
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>> we have full resources on how to stay safe during the rainy season or any kind of natural disaster. you will find prepare nor cal's advice on under see it on tv. >> runoff water is flowing like a river and caused police to close off one area of richmond parkway. the giant highway took on water all day, and by late afternoon the off-ramp had to be closed. the flooding was caused by the water off the surrounding landscape. heavy rains caused a creek to over flow its banks. it turned into a lake. at least four homes were flooded. lots of problems in the north bay where flooding and high winds are keeping work crews busy. like at this home in forestville today. a giant fir tree flew down the road and into a house. power lines were knowledge aded, but no one was injured. it is lucky no one was in the roth more lawn bowling club when a big redwood tree
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crashed through the roof. a large branch pierced the ceiling where members typically play cards on the weekend. part of valley avenue was closed as crews cut branches and cleared debris. traffic is flowing on stoney point road after the crews filled quickly to fill a growing sinkhole. runoff water over ran a drainage system. the water was carving out a large hole under the pavement. the crews in stalled the metal plates to support the weight of the cars while the culvert is repaired. dozens of residents were without power as rain and wind pounds the region. the majority of customers without power are in the north bay. stay with abc7 news for continuing storm watch coverage. leigh will have the full forecast in a few minutes. and you can check live doppler 7hd anytime on trouble for holiday travelers tonight. a day full of delays and
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cancellations at sfo. what u need to know if you are heading out of town tomorrow. and a father and daughter take their kayak out in the storm. why rescuers had ton called to save them. and leigh glaser is keeping an eye on the rain on live doppler 7hd. she'll let us know what the weather looks like for the up coming christmas holiday.
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a south bay man and his daughter are happy to be on dry land this evening. the two went kayaking this afternoon right in the middle of the storm. a low tide left the two stuck in the mud and stranded for hours.
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abc7 news reporter nick smith has the details. >> and we just got stuck. it would have been a longtime before the tide and storm went away, and we were just freezing. >> only minutes before john page and his daughter allison were rescued by the redwood city fire department after an afternoon of could iing yeahing took a dangerous turn. this is what happened. just after 1:00 p.m. redwood city fire received a call telling them two kayakers were stranded in the water. water rescue teams responded and immediately conducted a search. with the use of lights and try angulation systems they found the two in minutes. >> i had my iphone and it was comarnlged -- charged and in a water proof pouch. >> he said the water they were enjoying quickly turned against them. first responders say heavy wind and rain can make the water unpredictable. when the tide rolled out, the duo found themselves stuck in the mud and trapped. but there are things the kayakers did right. they had a fully charged phone. john and his daughter were wearing the p proker safety
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gear and they let others know exactly where they would be. >> when we got closer i could see the lights of the buggy and i said i can see you now. stop. >> they were able to pull the two to safety. once on dry land they were given dry clothes and treated for mild hypothermia and leaving john with a new item to add to his christmas wish list. >> warm bath, warm cup of soup and christmastime. >> i asked john with conditions like they are, what made you and your daughter go out in the water in the first place? he said they have kayaked before, but the wind and the rain made the waters completely unpredictable. first responders tell me this is the third rescue they performed in as many weeks. in redwood city, nick smith, abc news. >> the storm made areas treacherous for people living near the shoreline. in pacifica the waves pounded the sea wall and spilled to the ocean front sidewalk. the city closed the pier that is normally a popular spot. in san mateo county a small rock and mudslide closed the
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highway. a chp was able to clear the road. county officials say that this part of the coast highway is dangerous and extented the rine storms. the rains storms. this is a day that many would rather forget. delays and cancellations were the order of the day. airport officials say arriving flights could be delayed as long as two hours. >> yesterday i got in here at about 4:00. i had been waiting in multiple two-hour lines. after i find out my flight was can -- canceled for four hours i had to wait for another three hours in the customer service line. i didn't get to get to the end of before the booth closed. >> it could last until midnight. for up-to-date information go to the front page of the website, abc7 news. it was not the only form of transportation. these cars are trying to make their way through reno. the roads were closed for avalanche control measures.
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they could get five feet of snow tonight. highway 80 is closed to commercial trucks in both directions at truckee. >> people have been sending in pictures of the storm. this one from cupertino where you can see flooding along salem avenue. we also caught other areas. this is the petaluma river where the water was cresting well above where it normally sits. abc7 news vic lee sent this photo of a fall entry that you are cred a car in san mateo. we would like you to share your weather video or pictures. send them to you report at and thankfully we are now getting a break from the rain. leigh glaser has the latest. >> we certainly are. what a storm that moved through earlier in the day. live doppler 7hd right now is starting to show you that things are starting to clear up a bit. the rain clouds have pushed on toward the south and east of us as the cold front has moved to the south as well.
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we will say goodbye to that system. there is another one off the coast, and i will let you know the timing of that in a moment. 24-hour rainfall amounts. it is over two inches in san rafael and close to an inch in san francisco. oakland an inch and a quarter. close to an inch for concord. half an inch livermore and san jose close to an inch of rain. look at half moon bay, almost an inch and a half. a very, very nice, productive storm system. quite a bit of moisture with this system. now it looks like things will calm down a little bit. we get a dry night tonight as well as tomorrow before the next system moves in. 48 in napa. it is 50 in san francisco. 49 mountain view. livermore right now we have 48. so this is what you can expect. clearing and cooler overnight tonight. it will be a dry christmas eve. get out and enjoy it because more rain will move in here especially in the north bay as we head into christmas day.
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let me take you back 7:00 this morning. the north bay getting slammed by this cold front. you can see it right here starting to develop. as we worked our way through the day you can see by 3:00 the heaviest rain right where the front was starting to push down toward the peninsula and down toward the south bay. now all of that has pushed toward the east and the south of us. as we head through the night hours the only thing we will have to worry about are pockets of dense fog. this is monday afternoon. we are looking at lots of clearing. let me take you to christmas morning. tuesday 7:00 a.m. this is the next system that moves in. it is much weaker than the one that moved through today. by 1:00 it spreads from north bay to the golden gate bridge. and then we will all see some wet pavement. the lows with the clearing, you will either see some stars out there, it will be cooler in the upper 30s.
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we will look for 40s across the rest of the bay area. tomorrow a little bit of sunshine and some clouds and a bit breezy near the coast. the temperatures will be in the midto low 50s near the coast. half moon bay 52. 54 in san rafael. san francisco 53. 55 for antioch as well as livermore. look for dry skies from morgan hill. 56 and 57 for salinas. here is a look at my accu-weather seven-day forecast. it is a dry day for christmas eve day on monday. rain likely for christmas day. scattered showers on wednesday, and then we will look for thursday and friday and hopefully into saturday as well some dry conditions. mike will be here tomorrow morning at 4:30 for the abc7 morning news to get you out the door. >> thank you, leigh. shu is here with sports. a disappointing day? >> sleep less in seattle. jim harbaugh turned 49 and he got a seattle smack down as a parting gift. he makes them look like the
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young inexperienced quarterback he is. it was ugly, but we have to show it to you next in
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jim harbaugh took a huge chance when he decided to
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changing quarterbacks going with kaepernick. i agree colin had huge upside, but i was customerred he had enough experience to take this team to the super bowl. he finally showed up in seattle. it is one game, but the kid's confidence has been rocked. seattle set the tempo. two plays and 35 yards and caps off the 24-yard touchdown run. 7-0 seahawks. the next drive and russell wilson walk itself in. 14-0 seahawks. 49ers threatening to score, but kaepernick without the drive and he is crushed. vernon left the game with a concussion and left the game. questionable for next week. chip shot for akers, but it is blocked by bryant and richard sherman returned it 90 yards for the score. this game was pretty much over. but no one told seattle. they kept scoring.
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wilson four td passes and two to another man doug baldwin. 35-6 hawks. another red zone opportunity for san francisco, but he is picked off by sheer salesman. -- by sherman seahawks clinch a playoff spot and improve to 10-5 and 42-13 the final. coach, what about colin's play? >> i think everybody will feel the same way after this. it wasn't good. can't feel like you coached well. can't feel like you played well after this one. >> i mean, every time you are on the field you are learning something. we have to take what we can from this game and move to next week. >> it is only one game and harbaugh has to be questioning his own decision now, but it is obvious he is too stubborn to turn back as he played alex smith late in the game. you could tell colin's confidence was shaken, but this is a team game and they have to turn the page. packers take over the second seed in the nfc with the 49er
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loss. they crushed the titans and aaron rogers three td passes. san jose state alum got in on the scoring and he had a hundred yards passing. we will take a brief timeout before we check in on the raiders in the afc where andrew luck lead his colts to the playoffs and set a record in the process. we will explain as we continue.
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it has been a long season for the raiders and their fans. head coach dennis alan has learned a lot about himself as head coach and his players. carolina is the latest team to teachers and the raiders available less sons. raider fans will never give up on the silver and black. not much to cheer for today. cam newton threw for this strike to steve smith. carolina up 7. physical game. carson palmer just gets crushed. flag thrown for unnecessary roughness. check this ow. oh my. he did not return with a rib
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injury. the league will be handing out fines later. cam newton kicked kelly and started a scuffle. kelly the only one penalized on the play. they said they were trying to pay back their quarterback. 16 of 32 and this pick and that lead to the panthers' only other touchdown of the game. raiders are just 189 yards of total offense. 17-6 your final. colts clinch a wild card spot with a win over the chiefs. jamal charles may have sweat a little bit. he ran for 226 on two carries including this 86 yarder. bright future for this young man. the chiefs were down 13-10. andrew luck broke cam newton's record of 4,051 yards as a rookie. colts are in the post season with a 20-13 victory. cinncinati grabbed the final post season birth.
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they beat the steelers. tied at 10 and roethlisberger was picked off by nelson. that was his second pick of the game and it lead to the game winning 43-yard field goal with four seconds left. bengals moving to the playoffs. 13-10 the final. the playoff roster is set. six teams have a shot. and all to be determined next week. this sports report is brought to you by river rock casino. people think i am being hard on collins. but his inexperience in the game is what he doesn't have the experience to deal with. we will see how he bounces back next week. hopefully it will be good. >> all right. thank you, shu. still to come, rising floodwaters and levy warnings. we are following breaking news on the aftermath from today's storm. and the last minute shopping frenzy. but why it is not all good news for retailers. and the one store that is giving back this holiday season in a very special way. stay with us. we will be right back.
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good evening. i'm ama dates. it has been a wet, cold and miserable day for many across the bay area. here are tonight's storm watch headlines. in east palo alto, the creek over flowed its banks and the water spilled out on to highway 1. it was so bad actually highway 101. it was so bad the chp had to escort cars through temporarily. the concern now is whether levies will hold in the area. two nearby homes have been evacuated. in napa county, sonoma creek was water logged and spilled over. the junction of highway 12 and 121 turn need a lake and the nearby vineyards were flooded. 18 feet is the river's flood stage. in santa cruz county, the
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water rose so fast about 40 families in the community of felton grove had to leave their homes. the san lorenzo river reached four feet over flood stage. a tree fell over some power lines and knocking out electricity to the nearby communities. and water coming down from the hills forced the closure of an exit of the richmond parkway. the water filled up the giant highway and spilled into the parkway. police in watsonville are trying to track down someone they believe intentionally hit a man with his car last night. officers responded to the report of a hit and run at rodriguez and front street. they say a male driver of a white mini-van intentionally hit him before driving away. the injuries are not life-threatening. 20* night several -- tonight several medical facilities are bracing for a one-day nurse strike tomorrow. around 5,000 registered nurses are planning to walk off the job to protest cuts in wages and changes to, woulding conditions. the walkout will affect nearly all of sutter health care's
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bay area facility in the east bay, san jose and solano county. replacement nurses will be brought in to care for patients. with only two more days until christmas, you might think people would be focused on last-minute sales and preparations, but many americans are engaged in a vigorous debate on gun control spawned by the vicious and deadly attack on an elementary school in connecticut. dierdra bryant has the story. >> from new york to falls church, virginia, anti-gun protests are springing up around the country. the debate on gun control has triggered a run on gun shows and gun stores. sales are soaring as people rush to buy assault weapons before a possible ban. >> we are out of the so-called assault weapons. they are buying everything on the shelves. >> an abc news washington post poll shows the majority of americans continue to favor more restrictions on gun ownership. even the sales of gun safes
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are shooting up. >> a week after the masacre of those innocent children and adults in newtown, connecticut the head of the national rifle association unveiled his plan calling for every american school to have an armed guard. jay when that horrible monster tried to shoot his way into sandy hook school that if a good guy with a gun had been there, he might have been able to stop him. >> you don't want to turn our schools into dodge city. >> at least one school district in jersey city will place armed guards at the schools over the governor's objection. >> you don't want to make it an armed camp. that is not a good example. >> abc news, new york. senator daniel was laid to rest in his native hawaii. a thousand people came to pay their respect including the first couple who were in hawaii for the holiday. he died last monday at the age of 88. he was the first japanese american elected to both houses of congress and the second long ease serving
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senator. last-minute shoppers are crowding into falls -- into malls and stores. but many are attempting to drum up enthusiasm stores like macy's and toys r us spabded hours -- expanded hours to help the 17 million americans scrambling for gifts still. nick watt has the last-minute rush. >> you look quite stressed. >> i have a little anxiety right now. i won't lie. i am tripping out. i want to make sure everybody is taken care of. >> the sign says the late gift may be the best gift. you throw money at the pressing problem and then spend more. number two, under pressure you make a gut instinct decision. >> say you want to buy a sweater for your wife. if you think about it too much, you may out think yourself and you may not make a good choice. >> do you feel you perform best under pressure? >> absolutely. >> do you always do it last minute? >> absolutely. that's the only way to do it. you have to make a good decision. >> ron claiborne started his
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shopping this morning. >> i could never get focused until the 23rd and the 24th ready. 24th and sometimes not until the 25th. >> see, he is making great choices. >> stores stay open for the last-minute larrys. target until 10:00 p.m. and walgreens is open christmas day. >> are you a procrastinator by nature? >> kind of. >> good luck. >> thank you. >> it will be okay. >> another advantage of last minute is the sales have already begun. the late bird can of cay. nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> our producer went shopping at midnight last night and said it was fantastic. zappos is making a difference when it comes to customer service. the retailer broke its own record earlier this month with a conversation that lasted 10 hours and 29 minutes. they say it isn't bad news. it says the lengthy conversation is proof the company is dedicated to its customers and their needs. still to come on abc7 news at
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11:00, the advertising campaign that is bringing people together, and why it is so important to one particular child and his mother. plus, he may be tiny, but a hobbit is big at the box office this weekend. we'll have the winners and the losers. >> hi again, everyone. we are actually starting to see some clear skies out there. yes, we certainly are. the storm system that brought us the rain today and heading toward the rockies. are you doing some traveling? we will look at the maps. and another look at my seven-day forecast for the up
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don't look now, but your um bilicus 1* crawling with bacteria. you are thinking what? that is your bellow button. more than 2,000 different species of bacteria live there. that's more than the different kinds of birds in north america. doctors are not surprised noting that the belly button isn't sterile. good to know. we are finding out tonight that is significant number of overweight kids are bullied by adults. 42% of those who had experience being bullied reported it had been done by a sports coach. 37% reported being bullied by a parent and 37% a teacher. they found verbal teasing to be the most common form of bullying. a christmas commercial for the british retailer marks and spencer is getting a lot of attention this holiday season.
11:44 pm
it may have launched a new star into orbit. >> the marks and spencer christmas ad is out, and five-year-old seth white is a happy, bouncing blur across the screen. in fact, you display to remind and because to see him. but that one shining moment grinning ear to ear is just where his mother wants him. >> they created where he is not singled out or labeled. i think that's why it has been so successful. >> he is the first child with down syndrome to be featured in a major brand's ad campaign in britain. his mother, carolyn, got the idea while shopping with seb and his brother dominic at the british retailer marks and spencers. >> i happened to be at marks and spencers and saw the back to school campaign. i felt passionate he should be represented. he started school this year, the same as every other child. it was an exciting milestone
11:45 pm
for us. i contacted n and s on their facebook -- m and s on their facebook page. within a week we had a call. when he was born we didn't know he had down syndrome until afterwards. it was a really big shock. at the time we were devastated. but i now realize that the reason i was so devastated was because i had such an outdated view on the condition. over time as i fell in love with seb and saw the affect he had on people around him, he started to change people's attitudes. y felt if i could take it to a wider audience that he was the best tool to help change per -- perceptions of what down syndrome means. >> the public response has been positive. her facebook page is flooded with supportive messages. she has this advice for parents who have children with down syndrome. >> it is a big shock. it is not what you plan in life. i can honestly say i would not
11:46 pm
swap him for anyone else in the world. he brings joy to us and he is charming. you will get over it and realize that actually there is nothing tragic. >> a message seb delivers with a kiss. >> he is so cute. "the hobbit" is big at the box office. >> peter jackson's "the hobbit" an unexpected journey took in $36.7 million to remain number one at the box office for the second straight weekend. it is easily beating the holiday new comers. tom cruise's action thriller jack reacher debuted in second place. rise of the guardians is number four and lincoln wraps up the top five films. let's get to leigh glaser and
11:47 pm
find out how our weather is heading into the holiday. hi, leigh. >> it is the first part of our holiday. it can affect some dry conditions. on christmas day the rain will return. it is nothing like we saw today. it is showing you mainly clear conditions as the rain showers have pushed out of the area. i do want to hop over toward the sierra. you can take the changing and that is obvious. you can still see snow piling up. some of the resorts picked up as much as six feet of snow the past couple days. expecting two to six inches. it is near lake level overnight. the tahoe region will see a dry day tomorrow as well. the storm that brought us the rain today will smack the rockies and bring denver 35 degrees and some snow there. salt lake city will see some snow as well. washington, d.c. up to new york expects some rain and a little light rain will move into southern california and los angeles. 64 degrees.
11:48 pm
we will look for 58 for fresno. accu-weather seven-day forecast a dry day tomorrow and christmas day is wet and showers on wednesday. we will get to a mini dry pattern on wednesday, friday and saturday jie. we will take any dry pattern we can get. thank you, leigh. can the inniners get a mulligan or something? >> next week. we will take you around the nfl. the niners were ambushed in seattle. the seahawks were lead by jim harbaugh's former stanford players who counted for three td's.
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those of us who play the game knew that colin kaepernick would have a let down. he just doesn't have enough experience to keep up the solid play he had in the start of his career. it caught up with him in seattle. his confidence was shaken. it could affect his play the rest of the way. the first possession and the former cal bear and 24 of his 130 total yards on offense right here. he had two td's. niners get a scoring opportunity on this field goal. but it is blocked by bryant and the stanford man richard sherman. he goes 90 yards the other way. niners are up 28-6 at the half. this dpaim was pretty much over. seattle says not yet. wilson four td passes.
11:52 pm
another red zone opportunity for the niners. collins is picked off and he was 244 yards, it touch down and a pick. they improved to 10 and 5. 42-13 your final. >> it is not our first loss. we will wake up tomorrow and have a half 2k3w5eu78 lead. and have a half game lead. >> it is coming together. we are getting together and you can see it and feel it. >> coach harbaugh has made his choice. he did not play alex smith late in the game. the niners can still win the division next sunday. they have been exposed going into the playoffs. the packers take over the number two seed in the nfc. they crushed the titans. three td passes and randal cop and james jones had a hundred
11:53 pm
yards receiving and the packers win it big 55-7. the giants trying to stay alive. flaco threw for 309 yards. this one covered 27 yards. ravens clinched the afc north. the giants are still alive, but they would need a lot of help. >> we knew we had to play our best football to get into the playoffs. we haven't done that. we haven't played the style of football needed. when you are not playing your best teams come out and embarrass you. >> cowboys took a hit against the saints. tony romo finds miles austin. drew brees, 446 yards passing and three touchdowns. a little luck in over tim he goes 20 yards.
11:54 pm
the saints recover and it sets off the game winning kick. cowboys can still make the playoffs. they win it 34-31 in over time. >> washington and rg3 facing the eagles. two td passes and a return from a knee injury. redskins win it and they can clinch with a win next week on sunday night. to the afc and it has been a long season for the raiders. he learned a lot and his players. carolina is the latest team to teachers and them some available lessons. i'll give you the raider n fas. cam newton and carolina goes up seven. carson palmer took a hit. just crushed by greg hardy. flag thrown for unnecessary roughness. he left with a rib injury and did not return. he is probably out for the season. league will be handing out some fines.
11:55 pm
the raiders went after cam newton. he kicked kelly and kelly was the only one fined. he is picked off here and it gave the panthers the only other touchdown. raiders are 189 yards total offense. they fall to 4 and 11. the season can't end quick enough. 17-6 the final. colts clinch a wild card spot with a win over the chiefs. jamal charles ran wild. he had this 86 yarder. chiefs were down 13-10, but andrew luck said cam newton's nfl record he it is breaking it. colts are in the post season with a 20-13 victory. cinncinati also clinches with the final playoff spot in the afc. this abc7 sports report is brought to you by river rock casino. have a merry christmas, everybody. >> thank you, shu.
11:56 pm
and one last check of the weather. >> speaking of the holidays upon us, tomorrow christmas eve day will be dry. a few passing clouds. and then on tuesday we will look for rain likely across the entire bay area. it will not be a big storm, but it will slug on through on christmas day. we will look for showers on wednesday morning. maybe some afternoon clearing on wednesday afternoon. thursday and friday look dry. >> thank you for joining us. that is it for this abc7 news. abc7 news continues tomorrow morning at 4:30. i'm ama dates for leigh glaser and mike mike shumann and everyone here. have a safe and wonderful holiday. holiday. good night.
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